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Newcastle Holiday 2018 Day One: Barter Books, Alnwick Gardens and Fenwick Christmas Window

Newcastle is one of my favourite cities in the world. Not only is everyone so friendly, but there is also some much to do with the Metro making it easy to explore the beautiful city. My boyfriend and I took some well deserved time off work to explore Newcastle and the surrounding Northumberland area. We arrived on the train Tuesday night after work and stayed in the Encore hotel which was just behind this safe. In this week across four posts, I am going to share with you what we got up to.

Though you can get public transport to the Northumberlands it is much easier to drive. We hired a car from Europcar and much to my excitement it was my dream car, a mint green Fiat 500. Even if my boyfriends Dad said it looked like a mint tictac! Now, it was a little bit hairy whilst I got used to driving a modern car as my car is 15 years old. For example, I am not used to power steering or such a delicate brake resulting in a couple of harsh breaks at the start of our journey. It is safe to say my boyfriend gained a couple of grey hairs!

After a traumatic first drive, we decided to stop for breakfast at Filmore and Union. A hidden gem within John Lewis in Eldon Square. The food was delicious and the surroundings were beautiful. Especially as we were surrounded by Christmas lights. To be honest the whole of Newcastle felt very festive with lights up everywhere and even a cute Christmas market.

I had a raw dairy free chocolate shake and a gluten-free toast with hummus, poached eggs, smoked salmon and vegetables. It was honestly the most delicious breakfast I have had in a long time.

The wall in this photo is very instragramable with fake plants all the way down.

As mentioned we were surrounded by beautiful Christmas lights.

All fueled up and ready to go we got in the car and headed to Barter Books which is Europes second largest second-hand books shop in an old train station. It was every reader’s dream with thousands of books including some first editions. A cafe and lots of cosy reading places with an open fireplace. There was even an electric train going around above the books. I brought a few books and by a few, I mean enough to get a 10% discount! At least I will be stocked up for a while!

After my boyfriend dragged me away from Barter Books we headed to Alnwick gardens. Which as you can see from the photos below is stunning! We were a little unlucky though as lots of the gardens were closed in preparation for the Christmas light switch on in a couple of weekends time. Either way, it was lovely and peaceful. We stopped for a cup of tea and a cheeky slice of cake before heading back into Newcastle. Whilst we were drinking out tea the water fountains started which were very impressive. In the dark apparently, it all lights up.

You can get married in this garden and I can imagine this bench would be the perfect place for a couples photo shoot with the beautiful arch above you.

As you entered the garden you could see a Giant taking a dip in the water with his clothes hanging out to try on a near by tree.

Poison Gardens were sadly closed but from what I could see they were full of apothecary plants. The bottle reminds me of something out of Alice and Wonderland.

Tree House was huge with a cafe and restaurant within it. It is every child’s dream tree house with fairy lights and wobbly bridges which my partner jumped on much to my horror!

The pointed roof makes the tree house look like a princess castle.

Just below the tree house was a forest of baby Christmas trees!

As you would expect the Garden was surrounded by miles and miles of beautiful fields.

Just before heading back we popped into Alnwick town. It was a quaint market town.

We arrived in Newcastle and went to see the famous Fenwick Christmas window which was focused on the Snowman story to celebrate 40 years. As always it was spectacular! It had music playing from the movie and each window was a different part of the story. We then had dinner at Smash Burger which was always was delicious before heading back to the hotel to watch anย old series of Bake Off. Am I the only one who misses Bake Off now it has finished?

So that was day one. It was the perfect start to our holiday. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so you dont miss what I got up to the rest of the week.


Emma x