Day out

Newcastle Holiday 2018 Day Two-Amble and Newcastle Lights

As those of you who saw my Day One post for this holiday will know I hired a car. As today was the last day with my dream Fiat 500 hire car we decided to head to the Northumberland coast and visit Amble which is known as the worlds friendliest port. My boyfriends Granny actually grew up here so it was lovely to visit. I also find being by the sea really peaceful and relaxing. When we arrived we, of course, had fish and chips from the Quayside Cafe. It is a crime to go to the seaside and not have fish and chips. It was too cold for an ice cream though!

As you would expect the view was spectacular. I tried to catch up the amazing views in the photos below.  

I love that in this photo I caught a seagull in flight as well as the softness of the clouds!

This port is still used for fishing as you can tell from these fishing cages below.

The tall buildings you can see if this photo is actually the elderly care home. It would be a beautiful town to retire in. The white hut is the lifeguard and of course, you can see lots and lots of boats.

I am a little bit gutted with the photo below as I was using my new Camera and it came out a little blurry. I still wanted to include it though as I love the colour of the beach house and the sky looks gorgeous the way the sun has hit the clouds.  The island in the distance of this photo is called Croquet Island. It looks so peaceful!

I love how the swans glide in the water in this photo.

You can just about see Warkworth Castle. I do love exploring castles so I will have to go there sometime soon!

All the birds nestled on the Island in the centre of the port. Including some Puffins apparently.  

A tiny lighthouse at the end of the pier!

We decided to walk through Amble Town Centre with this clock tower surrounded by poppies. The high street as you would expect was tiny with all the essential shops.

I am not sure what this statue is as I couldn’t see a plaque to tell you what it is but to me it looks like an abstract sailing boat.

After returning to Newcastle and saying goodbye to my dream car (sob!) we headed to Quayside Whetherspoons for an apple crumble with custard. After we walked along the Quayside and got some beautiful photos of the bridges all light up.

Below is the Millennium Bridge all light up! The bride itself is quite wobbly which was a bit unnerving for me. I love that in the photo below I caught its reflection in the water.

Again I love how in this photo I caught the bridge and the city reflected into the water.

The Sage building which to me looks like a slug (sorry!). Our hotel was just behind the safe and according to my boyfriend, there was music playing there at midnight. I slept right through it though! 

The Tyne Bridge, the Millennium Bridge and the Sage together in one photo.     Below the Tyne and Millennium Bridge together.

So that was day two. As you can see we had an amazing time explore Northumberland for both days and though Newcastle always looks beautiful it really is quite spectacular all light up at night.


Emma x