Day out

Newcastle Holiday Day Three- Roof Top Views of Newcastle and Durham

I hope you are enjoying seeing what I got up to on my holiday in Newcastle. It was only last week but after being back at work this week it feels like a lifetime ago! As those of you have seen Day One and Two of our Newcastle holiday will know on Day Two returned the hire car of my dreams. Sob! So we decided to explore the area around Newcastle on the train. We headed to Durham which I was so excited about as everyone tells me it is beautiful.

In the morning we went back to Filmore and Union as we did our first day, the food was just delicious. So yummy I forgot to take a picture before I wolfed it down. Sorry!  I then had my hair cut and blow dried into curls. I felt very swish, like a show pony!

After we went up to the John Lewis car park and saw Newcastle from above. We could see for miles and got some lovely views of the city, photographed below.

Below is a small park between the two shopping centres is this beautiful park surrounded by poppies for the 100-year memorial since the end of world war one.

We spent the afternoon in Durham. It was only a 10-minute train journey. I hadn’t been before so it was nice to explore somewhere new. Durham remind me of a small town with cobbled streets and lots of stunning architecture.

The church in the city centre had just put up this beautiful Christmas tree.

The memorial statue with a pigeon on top. Of course! What is it with pigeons and statues! Just behind this statue is the Market which is an indoor market filled with everything you can imagine, from shoes to dog clothes to records! It is definitely worth a visit.

This photo is my favourite view of Durham. In this photo, I love how the birds have left a trail in the river. I also love the foggy slightly eerie feel.

It seemed everywhere you turned in Durham there was a castle!

We stopped at Costa for a Christmas drink then headed back to the hotel. We got the bus back and I saw the angel of the north.  We then had a few hours of quiet time. During that time I read my book. After we went to Zizzi’s for delicious pizza.

Today’s post was short and sweet but I hope you loved it. Have you been to Durham? If so what did you love about it?


Emma x