November 2018 Favourites

This November’s favourites is short and sweet with a focus on entertainment which I hope you enjoy. I have had a busy month not having a single weekend at home so I think that’s why my November favourites are so short and a bit different to normal.


T Gel Conditioning Shampoo

Just one beauty product for you this month. As those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will know I love Neutrogena T gel shampoo. It is perfect relieving my itch scalp. Attractive I know!! When I went to repurchase I must of been feeling fancy as I decided to treat myself to the conditioning T gel shampoo. I was a bit skeptical about how well a shampoo could condition you hair but I was honestly blown away by the results. It lathered up well and my hair felt silky smooth. Almost as smooth as after a hair mask which is very impressive for a shampoo!



My partner brought me a Kindle whilst I was at University and to be honest I didn’t use it that much when I first got it. Partly because nothing beats holding a real book and partly cause I didn’t have much time to read! Now I read every day on my commute to work. I reached for my Kindle as books are often cheaper on the Kindle as well as being thinner which was perfect for the travelling I have done this much. Though it doesn’t beat reading an actual book it is perfect for reading on the go.

Surface Pro

This month I treated myself to a Surface Pro (second hand from CEX). It has been the perfect blogging companion as not only is it light and easy to carry with you. You can take the keyboard off and using a pen makes photo editing really easy. The keyboard obviously makes typing a lot easier than on a tablet. I really do love it.

Nativity Movie

Now I know for some of you it is far to early to watch a Christmas movie. My Sister, Mum and I recently watched the Nativity on Netflix for a cosy evening in. It was so funny and I loved the music. The movie finished and we felt so Christmassy and cosy!

Ink and Spark -Alice Broadway

I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but I was drawn in by the books beautiful covers! I was not disappointed by the story though with a strong female lead and dramatic plot twist. I plan on doing a full in-depth review soon so keep tuned

LM5 Album- Little Mix

I love how Little Mix Champion women and body positivity. I am loving their new funky, slightly grungy sound with their beautiful almost angelic voices.

Cheryl – Love Made Me Do It.

I know this song has received a lot of hate. I think unfairly, it is great to see Cheryl sing from a place she knows. It is also a great song to dance too.

Ariana – Grande Thank You, Next

This song has blown up and rightly so it is so catching and empowering. I also loved her performance on Ellen’s show.

Nikki Phillippi, Revel Day and Dani Moz – In The Blood

This cover is beautiful and I have listened to it so much I honestly think half the views are from me alone. Check it out.


Emma x