Monthly Review

November 2018 Review

It is time for my November 2018 Review. I love this time of year as I feel nice and cosy. Just like my family pet cat cuddled up by the fire. I know everyone says this but I actually can’t believe we are in December. I feel like it just snuck up on me. I haven’t even brought an advent calendar. We are in the count down to Christmas (woohoo!) and 2019 is in sight! How crazy is that!

Now November has been an interesting month. On one hand it has been filled with lots of highs including going to Newcastle on holiday, visiting my Grand Parents and finally, my partner and I moved into our first 1 bed flat (not a studio or a shared house!).

As you can see on my blog, I shared Day One, Two, Three and Four of our Newcastle holiday on my blog. With lots of photos of course! We had a wonderful time. It felt so good to escape the routine of everyday life and explore Northumberland, Newcastle, Leeds and Durham.

Every year around Christmas, Mum, Dad, My Sister  and I always visit our Grand Parents. For me the visit is the start of the Christmas season. I always feel festive after seeing them and I feel like Christmas can really get started. I also visit my home town of St Ives and went to the market (photographed below) as well as the Christmas light switch on!

My partner and I just moved into our first flat. We moved in yesterday and are still getting used to having separate rooms! As in a separate living room bathroom and kitchen! Those of you who have ever lived in a studio will understand how novel this is. I can’t wait to unpack, settle in and of course decorate for Christmas! I also am so excited to have guests come and stay with us.

We also saw Dave Gorman’s new show with Great Power Point comes Great Responsibility Point. His show was fantastic. My favourite part of the show had to be the giraffe joke.

As I mentioned November has been interesting, as though it was full of all these incredible highs are also suffered a blow this month. I was laid off from my job. At the time I was devastated, as those of you have experienced it before you feel hurt and rejected. However, I am staying positive (thanks to the support of my friends, family and partner) and looking forward to the new challenges and adventures the 2019 will bring.

As those of you who read my blog regularly will know I normally follow a schedule with uploading and upload frequently. However, I slipped up at the end of this month due to life getting in the way. I have loads of blog ideas coming up and in our new flat I finally have space to  create some of the ideas I have in mind. So please be patient with me whilst I settle into my new flat and figure out where I want to go career wise.

Hope you all have a wonderful December and enjoy the count down to Christmas. If you are looking for an alternative advent calendar why not check out my post for a reverse advent calendar?

Have a smashing December and stay tuned!


Emma x