October 2018 Favourites

It is the end of October, we are in officially in the season of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Autumn Leaves and cosy jumpers! This season is definitely a favourite for me, in this post I will share my other October favourites.


Derma V10 Clay Mask with Eucalyptus

This face mask is clearly a dupe for the L’ Oreal face mask, I brought it from Body Care. This face mask contains eucalyptus making it the perfect cleansing face mask. After using this mask my skin feels soft and bright.

Soap and Glory Hand Food

I don’t think I can do a favourites post without a Soap & Glory product. The cold weather means dry chapped hands. Though I have tried other hand creams I always come back to this cream. It has the classic Soap & Glory scent which isn’t too strong and sinks in almost instantly.

Lottie London Nail Polish in Sand Castle

I found this Nail Polish in Poundland so it is was an absolute bargain. The nude colour suits my skin tone perfectly with a subtle gold shimmer! It also has great lasting power.


Daniel Sloss on Netflix

He is known for having a slightly dark sense of humour but I found his shows hilarious yet poignant.

Burning Brightly  by Alexa Donne

This book is based on Jane Eyre (my favourite book of all time) but set in space. I love that the main character Stella is a strong female character. I am planning on doing a book review for this book soon with some of my other favourite space-themed books. So keep an eye out!

Grace Petrie Album- Queer as Folk

She sings about left-wing politics and love. Her writing is clever and whimsical and her guitar playing sounds calming and soothing.


Emma x