Beauty Favourites

September 2018 Favourites

The end of the month is fast approaching which means it is time for my September favourites! It is short and sweet this month but filled with products and items I have been truly loving throughout September.


Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk


Not only does the moisturiser smell delicious, like sweet almonds, but it also sinks in instantly into my skin allowing my skin to feel hydrated and silky smooth. Perfect to use after a morning shower before getting dressed without leaving a sticky residue. Especially as the colder weather approaches and you want to get dressed as soon as humanly possible! Since using it I have noticed an improvement in my skin’s texture and appearance. It is now smooth and glowing.

Feather & Down Pillow Spray

I often struggle to sleep, because I work long hours so often get home late and struggle to wind down to go to sleep.  I have found this sleeps spray has really helped, the mixture of lavender and chamomile stops it from smelling so harsh, something the pure lavender ones can do. A few sprays of this, a good book and I’m ready to drift off into dreamland!


New Look Trainers











I have recently started to love wearing trainers. This month I have been loving these two that I brought in New Looks recent sale. Both are some comfortable, perfect for the miles of walking us Londoner’s do, but still look cute!

Those of you with a keen eye will notice the Grey and Rose Gold pair are from New Looks teenage range 915 which just shows you how tiny my 22-year-old feet are! I love that they are a neutral colour with touches of rose gold for some added glamour.

For the pink suede one, I love the rope edging detail which adds a summery vibe.


Time Out Magazine

As a new-ish Londoner (I’ve been here almost a year but only just feeling like I have my bearings in this new way of life!), I am always looking out for things to do or upcoming events to make the most of living in London. I can always trust Time Out to give me some helpful and interesting suggestions.

Time Out comes out every Tuesday and I am excited every time I remember, sometimes it is the little things in life! I have discovered loads of new places to visit through Time Out including Primrose Hill and Brixton Market. One of their recent additions included sights to see on the Victoria Line which particularly appealed to me as I live on the Victoria line. I look forward to exploring the attractions at every stop.

Mine Would Be You- Julia Sheer

Listen Here:

I have listened to Julia Sheer for years, she is a singer who started her career on YouTube. Her voice is beautifully elegant. This month I have been loving Julia’s cover of Mine Would Be You originally sung by Blake Shelton. This smooth sounding song is perfect to listen to in the evening to calm down or anytime really!

Michael Jackson Classics

There is something about MJ’s music you can’t help but dance and smile too! It is perfect for a pick me up. As well as having an amazing voice!

Gilmore Girls

A cosy classic! I binged watched all the episodes one summer but it’s nice watching it again. As I am noticing things I didn’t notice previously. I admire Lorelai and Rori’s relationship. Lorelai strong and funny personality is hard not to love. I can relate to Rori as a character as I was a lot like her at school. I felt and still do a lot more comfortable reading then partying. I am currently on Season 3 Episode 21.

Watch here:

So there you go my September favourites! I’m interested to hear what your favourite products are or if you have used any other products above.