Monthly Review

September Review 2018

It’s time for my September Review, where I take a moment to reflect back over the previous month. The end of September marks the end of my second month of blogging! I fall more in love with blogging with every post that I write. Blogging has not only allowed me to relight my love of writing, but it has also allowed me to discover another passion, photography! Photography has not only encouraged me to be creative through taking and editing photos. It has also inspired me to explore my local area and make the most of my time living in London. I plan on treating myself to a Bridge Camera so if you have any suggestions let me know.

I have had some wonderful days out this month including Oxford, Weedon Depot and Sheerness on Sea.

This month my love of reading has rapidly developed, I have been a bit of a bookworm for a while now but now love reading more than I ever had before. It is refreshing to be able to escape into another world. This month I shared my second-hand book haul and my Amazon wish list. I also shared a book review for Sarah Millican’s How to be Champion. I even have a couple of book reviews in the pipeline.

I also continued my Food Friday series and reviewed Eat, Itsu and Wetherspoons. It has been fun to explore what is available near me and try new foods. I tend to be a creature of habit otherwise!

I also achieved a few blogger milestones, I got my first blog followers this month, 170 unique views on Pinterest, 214  Twitter followers and 47 Instagram followers.

We are now approaching my favourite season autumn. Its time for snuggly jumpers, boots, cosy candlelit evenings in and autumn coffee drinks! I’m so excited to take photos of Autumn leaves. I am also considering doing some outfit posts as I love autumn fashion so much!

How was your September? Let me know in the comments section down below.