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Shane Dawson’s The Secret World of Jeffree Star Documentary Review

I felt so compelled to write about this documentary as it really touched me. Especially, the finale which I will discuss later on. ¬†Over the last year, Shane Dawson content has improved dramatically, he is clearly working incredibly hard. He is also now is not afraid to be vulnerable with his emotions. Shane’s emotional honesty in the documentary mirrors the emotions I, as a viewer was feeling.

Before the watching the four-part documentary I did not know anything about Jeferee Star apart from his make up line. To be honest, I planned on having them playing in the background whilst I was home alone doing household chores. However, I was instantly hooked! I sat down and watch the first three back to back. I was transfixed. I just finished the last episode now and new I had to write about it.

The first episode focused on getting to know Jeffree Star now. He lives in a huge house which is mostly pink (which I love!) with his partner Nate and five pet dogs. I found it interesting to see how what he lives as I basically just felt really nosey! This episode was light-hearted and funny.

The second episode focuses on turning Shane into Jeffree Star. I was fascinated by the amazing makeup skills by James Charles. Not only did Shane look stunning. It also reminded me that makeup really is a craft and way for some to artistically express themselves. Jeffree also showed his generosity by buying Shane a Gucci outfit to wear. In this episode, they also discussed Jeffree’s music career which I knew nothing about despite his last song only being released in 2013. He discussed hitting a low point after signing with Akon did not work out. My heart went out to Jeffree. We have all had things not turn out the way we planned and that feeling can be gut-wrenching.

In the third episode, Shane spent the day being Jeffree including visiting his make up the factory. I was fascinated by how the makeup is made and the small insight into running a successful company. I also admired Jeffree’s work ethic and humbleness. To have a vision and see it through is incredibly brave especially when it has not when you have experienced your plan not working out. He is a reminder to me that if at first in life you don’t succeed the only person in your way from trying again is yourself.

The final episode was probably the most intense but cemented my admiration for Jeffree. Jeffree visited where he used to live. It was a beautiful apartment but for him, it represented some dark times in his life. The shots contrasting his old apartment to his new house are a clear visual of how far he has come. Shane and Jeffree then sit down and discuss some of the controversy surrounding his racist comment in the past. Jeffree’s answer was honest and he accepted responsibility for his actions. He also discusses having his body covered in tattoos to hide self-harm scars. His attitude in his MySpace days suddenly made sense. He was hurt and was not sure how to express his feelings in any other way but anger. Something which I have experience feeling. This episode really spoke to me as it reminded me its ok to show your pain and vulnerability, it does not make you weak or a burden it just makes you human! I need to practice being vulnerable in my own life with those who love and want to support me.

Thank you, Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star for taking the time to create the documentary. I admire both of your work ethics and creativity. Please do go and watch the documentary, I promise it will leave you feeling inspired. I can’t wait to see what Shane does next.

E. x

All episodes are on Shane Dawson’s Channel.¬†