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The Low Maintenance Girl: Haircare Routine

Welcome to the part one of my first blog trilogy! The Low Maintenance Girl series is going to discuss my haircare, skincare and makeup routine. I am a low maintenance girl so I have perfected by beauty routine with the aim of little effort but maximum result!

I do love to look after my hair, it makes my hair feel nice and swishy and in turn, helps my confidence. My main hair problems are sensitive scalp and dry hair. My sensitive scalp is probably due to having eczema and my dry hair probably partly causes my hair is highlighted and partly the air con in my office (I don’t know if that is a possible reason but I swear my hair has got worse since the office increased the aircon!). So these are the areas are tackle with my hair care routine.

I know this may sound gross to some of you but I only wash my hair once maybe twice a week. My hair used to get greasy (thank you dry shampoo!) but now it is used to be washed less. Greasy hair is the result of your scalp producing oil which conditions your scalp and hair so it is important not to keep washing it out.

Before I wash my hair I use a hair mask. Recently I have been using the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Hair Mask. I put on the hair mask making sure it is evenly spread across from scalp to the ends. Then wack it up in a bun and watch a YouTube video for 10 to15mins. Maybe with a cup of tea, see this post for my favourite teas this month

Then I have a shower and wash out the hair mask using my Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo which helps to soothe my scalp. I always notice a difference in my scalp if I stop using this shampoo so it definitely works.

I then brush my hair using a tangle teaser which does not tug or pull on my hair preventing any damage. I then apply  Garnier Olia Super Shine Oil through the ends of my hair for extra nourishment. Before putting my hair into plaits to give it natural wave and avoid using heat from a hairdryer.

During the week pretty much as soon as I get home I just twist my hair into a bun and secure using a coil hair tie to prevent kinks and hair breakages. I then wake up in the morning, brush my hair add dry shampoo if needed or tie up into a ponytail if needed!

Hope you enjoyed the first instalment of The Low Maintenance Girl. Come back tomorrow for the second part focusing on my skincare routine including a budget beauty hack!

What is your hair care routine?