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UK Tour: Liverpool

Hello and Welcome Back! Drum roll please…Its time for day five of my UK Tour. Only two more posts to go! I have already shared my time in Newcastle, Edinburgh, York and Leeds. In my tour of the UK Liverpool was the only city during my trip which I hadn’t been to before. So I was excited to explore somewhere new.

When I arrived in Liverpool I headed straight to St Johns Beacon. A working radio station with a 360 view of Liverpool. The views were truly stunning.

I then headed to Liverpool’s famous waterfront! The weather was bright and warm. Perfect for walking along the water front.

At the waterfront was the Museum of Liverpool, somewhere I will have to go to. Maybe when the weather isn’t so lovely.

The waterfront was also filled with cafes, restaurants and little shops.

Of course, there was also The Beatles Museum. Obviously what Liverpool is most famous for.

I then walked back into the city I found this beautiful flower wall.

I then went to the best Lush shop ever! The bathbombs were arranged in by colour and the staff were so lovely. Oh and there was a bath bomb sushi bar.

As I had a bath in my hotel room I had to get some bath products. Including Goddess which was purple with glitter. Whats not to love! And You’ve been Mangoed! A nourishing bath oil. Safe to say I had a wonderful bath!

The next day I headed to Bills for breakfast which was next to these grass steps! Perfect to sit out in the summer not when its raining like it was that morning.

I then headed back down to the waterfront to see the famous Beatles statue.

I also saw the Three Graces which includes Royal Liver Building, The Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building.

I also discovered the Titanic Memorial at the waterfront.

Of course I had to get some photos of the river. I find it so calming being near water.

I have never seen such a colourful boat before!

I then headed back into the city centre and discovered the town hall. Which looks rather impressive!

I then headed to the most beautiful library in the UK. Not just my opinion! It was voted the most beautiful library. Who would of thought they would have votes for that!

I mean look at the stunning spiral stair case! Almost looks like something out of Harry Potter.

At the top of the library is a roof terrace were you can see over the city. It would be a lovely spot for a picnic.

I then continued walking past the Walker Art Gallery…..

And the Wellington War Memorial….

And the Empire Theatre.

I then continued to walk back into the city centre through St John’s Garden. It was so peaceful. A lovely escape from the busy city.

There was also this lovely memorial for those who have lost their lives in car accidents. It was so beautiful and simple.

On the way back to the Train station to head off to Birmingham I discovered the umbrella street to raise awareness of neuro-diversity including Asperger, dyslexia and many more.

So that was it for my time in Liverpool. Liverpool is a stunning city with so much to see. This time was my first trip there but I can’t wait to go back again soon. I plan to go round all the museums and maybe even do a boat trip. Is there anything else I should do when I next visit?


Emma x

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