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UK Tour: Oxford

Hello and Welcome Back! It’s time for my final post of my UK tour. I have already shared my time in Newcastle, Edinburgh, York, Leeds, Liverpool and Stratford Upon Avon. So be sure to check my other posts out!

I had been round Oxford University before so was looking forward to exploring other parts of Oxford. You can see my previous post about Oxford here.

Firstly I went to Oxford Castle which only recently closed its prison in 1996. The year I was born! I went on the guided tour which was the perfect way to learn about all about the castle prisons and its history.

For the first part of the tour I had to climb up the tower. At the top I got an amazing view of Oxford.

We then went down to the basement which used to be the church. It is supposedly haunted by a monk who used to live there.

You can see our tour guide in this photo. She knew so much about the Castle and was able to answer any questions people had. You can also see a medieval torture devices! People were nailed to the board by their ears and then had food thrown at them!

Below is a typical prison cell. You used to have to pay to be in prison or work to make up your time.

Mary Blandy was accused of poisoning her own father but as she could afford prison life she didn’t have to work. She even had parties and a servant. She was eventually hung for her crime.

Youngest ever prisoner at 7 years old. She supposedly stole a pram though rumour had it her mother stole the pram and blamed her.

After the tour I continued to explore the outside of the castle. Which now includes restaurants such as Prezzo and Pizza Express.

I then continued on through the city centre. As expected the city centre is filled with historic buildings.

It was then time for break at High Street Cafe. I had a gluten free nutella and strawberry crepe. It was delicious!

I then headed into the Botanical Gardens. I crossed my fingers that the rain wouldn’t start whilst I’m walking around the garden!

As you would expect the garden was filled with lots of greenery and flowers! It was simply wonderful to just walk around and explore.

No botanical garden is complete without a pond and of course some fish!

It then started to rain! So I ran into the green houses (known as the Plant and Lily House) and discovered more botanical plants.

These look like pink bananas! I couldn’t find what they are actually called.

As well as so many other beautiful plants!

As the rain was getting heavier I decided to head back to my hotel. I had a lovely day in Oxford. I thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the castles history and exploring the beautiful gardens.

So that is it for my UK tour. I had an amazing time exploring the UK on my own. Not only was it a great adventure I was also so proud of myself for travelling alone!

Have you ever travelled alone and if so where?


Emma x

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