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UK Tour: Stratford-Upon-Avon

Hello and Welcome Back! We are already almost at the end of my UK tour with just one more day left to go!I have already shared my time in Newcastle, Edinburgh, York, Leeds and Liverpool. Today I’m sharing what I discovered in Stratford Upon Avon. Famously known for being Shakespeare’s Birth place.

I had been to Stratford Upon Avon before with my Auntie and it is a beautiful town. However I have never been into the Shakespeare sites before so that’s what I decided to do. I brought the Shakespeare Experience ticket which allows you to visit all the sites without paying separately. Not only is it cheaper it is so much easier!

So I started at the beginning of Shakespeare life. This is Shakespeare’s where Shakespeare was born and where he lived as a child.

Before you enter the house you go through the garden which is so peaceful compared to the hustle and bustle of the streets.

The garden was filled with simply stunning flowers.

You then enter the house through this cute entrance way. You really do feel like you are stepping back in time.

The house was filled with some original and some replica furniture to show how the house would have looked during Shakespeares Childhood. Something I didn’t know before is that Shakespeare’s father was a glove maker. Apparently one of the best at the time often being commissioned to make gloves by wealthy people. He also had two apprentices which also lived in Shakespeare’s home. The window of the glove workshop opened onto the main street so people would come to the window to buy them

The below is the bed Shakespeare was born in. A bit odd if you think about it! A bet Shakespeare’s mother never thought people would pay to see the bed her son was born in!

I then went back into the beautiful garden where there was live Shakespeares performances.

I then walked towards Shakespeares New Home walking through Stratford Upon Avons picturesque town centre.

I then visted Shakespeare’s new home which is where his wife and children lived. Sadly the building itself no longer exists as it was torn down. However the garden was beautiful and the tour guide brought the history to life.

Part of the New Home was the Knot Garden which again was really peaceful to walk around.

I then went to Hall’s Croft where Shakespeare’s daughter and her husband lived. He was a famous doctor so there I learnt a lot about the history of medicine.

After I then walked along the picturesque river. This is the part of Stratford Upon Avon which I know well from my previous visits.

As I have done previously you can take a boat tour on the river. It is a great way to get a unique experience of Stratford Upon Avon.

I also walked past Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

I continued on admiring the beautiful scenery and of course taking photos as I went.

I then headed back to Birmingham where I was staying for the night. It works out much cheaper than staying Stratford Upon Avon. I had a fascinating time learning all about Shakespeare and am also felt much calmer after walking by the river.

My next post is my last post of my UK Tour! So what would you like to see from me next? I have a few ideas lined up but I always appreciate your suggestions.

Until next time,

Emma x

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