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UK Tour: York

Hello and Welcome Back! It’s time for day three of my UK tour. I’ve previously shared day one, Newcastle and day two, Edinburgh. Today I’m sharing with you what I discovered in York! York was an unplanned surprise on my trip but I’m so glad I went. There was so much history to explore, I could of spend ages there.

When I arrived at York, I walked along the beautiful river heading towards the York Minster.

The Minster looked stunning from the outside. It was very tall (duh!?) with intricate carving all over.

It was even more impressive inside. One piece of advice from me to you is to book your tickets online to save you queuing. It was totally worth the wait though. The York Minster is one of those building were you feel photos don’t so it justice. It truly was stunningly beautiful. I will try though!

You can pay extra to climb the Tower. It is 275 steps!! Before you pay they make it very clear you have to be fit and healthy, not claustrophobic or scared of heights. I thought, I’ve got this! I can run for 25 minutes straight, am on my feet all day at work, not bothered by small spaces or heights. My, my how wrong was I!!

I was ok until I was about halfway up and I started to panic as the stairway was very narrow. Something I had never experienced before. I couldn’t stop though as people were following behind me. I did it though! Honestly, my legs have never shaked so much (partly due to the hard work and partly the panic!). After sitting for a couple of minutes I admired the view. It truly was breath taking. Then had to go back down which was horrid but I survived.

You also got some great views of the outside of the minster climbing up (and down!) as well.

After all the stress from climbing the tower, I decided to go and have some lunch. I found a cute little cafe called Harliquin Coffee & Tea House, above the main high street. The food was delicious and the servers were lovely.

I then headed for a tour of York’s Chocolate Story. To learn about the history of Chocolate and Yorks part of the story.

This tour is any chocolate lovers dream! Not only is there free chocolate at every point on the tour, we also learnt about this history of chocolate, how it is made and the Rowntree family who lived in York. Rowntree (now owned by Nestle) created the KitKat, Chocolate Orange, Aero, Black Jack’s and so much more!

At the end of the tour we made chocolate lollies and watched a master chocolatier make amazing chocolate!

I then headed back to the station through the shambles and walked along the historic wall.

I had such a wonderful day in York! It really is a city full of hidden gems and I can’t wait to go back soon. Any advice for what I should do next time?

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Emma x

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