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Wednesday Wisdom: Advice on How to be Body Confident

No-one, including myself, is 100% body confident all of the time. I wish we could be but it seems to be a part of being human (welcome to the club!). When it gets problematic is when it consumes your thought and in turn negatively influences your behaviour, such as deciding not to go out or not to eat. I have been there myself, mostly during my teenage years and it’s so freeing not to be in that place anymore. I still struggle with poor body image from time to time but I have learnt how to handle it when I do and how to improve my body confidence. Keep on reading to find out what advice I have. I hope it helps!

  • Exercise whether that’s a light walk or a heavy gym session. The aim is not to lose weight or change a part of your body but to appreciate what your body can do. My body can walk, run and lift weights. Even when you aren’t exercising your body is amazing, every day it is breathing and digesting food without you having to think about it!
  • Take care of your body. Listen to what it needs and respect that. Don’t deny yourself food or sleep if you are hungry or tired.
  • Pamper yourself. For me I love doing a hair mask and face mask, hoping in the shower then moisturising and getting my comfy PJs! It always puts a spring in my step the next day.
  • My Dad gave me some advice as a teenager which has stuck with me. “No one is worrying about your appearance as much as you are.”. Sounds harsh but it’s true, everyone else is worried about how they look to be worrying about you too!
  • Chat through how you are feeling to someone else, sometimes saying your thoughts out loud can help you to be more rational with yourself. We tend to exaggerate in our heads!
  • Challenge yourself. I was too scared to get my legs out so always wore tights. In the hot weather, I challenged myself to wear a dress without tights. I felt really uncomfortable the first day but after the first week I could and still do go out in dresses and bare legs.
  • Turn those “imperfections” into perfections. For example, I have stretch marks on my hips which I now love as they are shiny and remind me of glitter!
  • Your body just like life is constantly changing so there is no point fretting.
  • Dress in clothes that make you feel comfortable. Don’t worry about whether they are in trend or not.
  • Clothes sizes are just a number! Don’t get hung up on what size you are. If the clothes fit and you feel like a superstar in them that is all that matters.
  • Your body is designed to bend and fold, so its ok to have stomach rolls!
  • I have varied in sizes throughout my life but whatever size I have been my body shape has stayed the same. So if you think losing or gaining weight will make you love yourself it won’t. You will be the same person as you are now just a bit bigger or a bit smaller.
  • Don’t use weighing scales if that is triggering for you. I personally don’t weigh myself. I go by how I feel, If I feel sluggish or get out breathe walking up the stairs I know I need to exercise more and lay off the sweet treats.

I hope this has helped at least one of you out there.

What advice would you give to someone to improve their body confidence? Leave it in the comments below!
E. x