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Why I’m Afraid to Share Outfit Blog Posts?

Hello and Welcome Back! As today is my 100th blog post (woop! woop!), I wanted it to be something special. I am going to share with you one of those posts I write as it helps me to process my thoughts and feel better. Though I feel vulnerable sharing this with you, I am going to take the plunge! I hope it brings comfort to those who feel the same and also looking for some advice on what to do to help myself.

So you’re probably thinking you don’t have to do outfit posts, Emma, so why do you want to? The answer is simple really, I love clothes! I love decided what to wear, coordinating an outfit and how clothes can make me feel. I also love finding a bargain.

There is also another reason why I want to share outfit posts. The power bloggers have to change the media (and in turn influence society) is widely underestimated. The more bloggers who share their outfit posts, the more body types we will see. Normalising all body types so in turn we would be less critical we will be of ourselves. I know that growing up if I had seen more people in the media that looked like me I wouldn’t struggle so much with my body confidence now.

For those reasons I want to start sharing outfit posts on my blogs but I have held back because I am scared. This recent scenario explains my fear.

I recently brought some clothes from TU by Sainsburys as they have wonderful clothes for great prices. I wanted to show you, what I brought and how I would style them. So I decided to take some photos of me in the clothes ready to do a blog post. I was already apprehensive about this but thought to myself there is no rush. I can post this post when I’m ready but at least I will get the photos now.

As I was putting on the clothes I bought I felt amazing (just like you do in new clothes) and when I looked at my clothes in the mirror I loved what I saw. All the items felt really flattering and suited my body shape perfectly.

However, the second I started taking photos all I could see were flaws. My arms looked too big, my shoulders are too broad, my stomach is too round etc. I felt devastated and frustrated as I couldn’t understand why the photos didn’t match what I had seen in the mirror.

I have taken sometime to think about why this is. Though I try to deny it my body image has been affected by social and traditional media. As I’m sure many people’s have! I am 5 ft 2 in and a UK size 14. I have been smaller and bigger but the size I am now is where I feel most comfortable. Now living my day to day life walking around I blend in. As being a size 14 is about average.

However, on social media and traditional media being a size 14 is huge! As a side note I follow people on Instagram who are larger than a size 14 and not once have I thought they were huge or noticed any flaws. I suppose as they say we are our own worst critics. Anyway I digress. So I think when I take photos of myself I expect to look slimmer as that is the majority of images I see in the media (though I know this is slowly changing).

Even though I often tell myself that everybody struggles with body confidence and remind myself that there is no perfect body. Every body is perfect. I still struggle with body confidence. Not constantly it will come in waves, I will feel fine (even great) for a while then a small trigger will slip me up. I suppose acknowledging the problem is the first step!

I am working on building my body confidence by focusing on what my body can do for me and focus on what I do like. I would really appreciate some advice so let me know your tips in the comments below!


Emma x

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