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Wilde About the Girl by Louise Pentland Review.

Robin Wilde is acing life. 
After the year from hell, she’s pulled herself up and out of The Emptiness, her love life is ticking along nicely, single motherhood is actually quite fun and she is ready for whatever life throws at her. When a thrilling opportunity at work arises, Robin is more than excited to step up and show everyone, including herself, what she’s made of.

But her best friend Lacey is increasingly broken-hearted about struggling to conceive, and her daughter Lyla is starting to come out with some horrible attitudes she’s learning from someone at school. Is Auntie Kath hiding loneliness under her bubbly, loving veneer? And can Robin definitely trust the people she must depend on in her fab new role?

But Robin has her girls. And her girls have got her. Together they can handle any crisis. Can’t they?

Life is about to throw quite the curve ball at Robin Wilde, and she’ll need to make some pretty brave choices if she’s going to stop everything she cares about falling apart . . .

Get ready for the most hilarious, heart-breaking, uplifting and unforgettable novel of the year!

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I have enjoyed watching Louise Pentland’s videos for years now and seeing how her channel has evolved with her. So I was excited to read her first book, Wilde Like Me, which I read and listen to on audible at least four times. I was thrilled when she released the second book, Wilde About the Girl. There are spoilers in this post so come back if you don’t want to read those now.
Straight away reading Wilde About the Girl felt like I was catching up with Robin, as if we were friends catching up over a cup of coffee. I think this is partly because Wilde Like Me gave me a sense of normality and comfort in a time where I felt quite turbulent.
Robin has come back stronger, she still has her insecurities, like we all do, but she is more self-assured than the first book. Robin is able to stand up for herself when a colleague at work (Skye) is trying to wind her up. Her ability to approach Skye’s behaviour and deal with it in a motherly way is a reminder that the skills and knowledge parents develop when raising their children is a positive for a company. Another reminder that parents shouldn’t be seen as a drain in the workplace. My admiration for Robin goes through the roof when Skye makes a massive mistake at work and Robin takes the blame. Even though it negatively impacts her and deals with the consequences, showing integrity as a manager. You know a book is beautifully written when you see the character as an inspiration just like you would for a real human.
She seems to be taking a more chilled approach to her love life and it is nice to see her appreciate the other aspects of her life such as work, family and friends. She is seeing Edward casually but she is falling for him more than I think she will even admit to herself. It is a shame that the pain Theo caused her has affected her relationship with Edward but also relatable. We all have baggage after all!
Robin unexpectedly falls pregnant. Not only is this a massive shock to her and Edward this put a massive strain on her friendship with Lacey who desperately wants a child. Robin discusses her option for the pregnancy in an honest way and is a reminder of how our situations and emotions affect our judgement. Lacey and Robin disagree on what to do next which further divides them from each other. Lacey finds out she is pregnant and they start to come back together again. However, heartbreakingly Robin has a miscarriage which not only causes her physical and emotional pain but also drives her and Lacey apart again.
Louise continued to spread her online campaign on body confidence. The fashion show, Robin works for, uses plus-size models and natural makeup. A subtle reminder that we are all perfect the way we are.
Overall though I loved the first book, I felt Louise had improved her writing style in the second book. The faster pace of this book kept me gripped and meant I ended up walking around with my head in the book just so I don’t have to finish reading when I get off the tube. The character development in this book has also made me love all the characters more. Seeing Robin assurance in herself grown and seeing Kath’s character develop, a kind soul with a splash of ambition. The ending was simple and poetic. Just makes me hope for a 3rd book so I catch up with them again.
If you have read Wilde about the Girl, I would love to hear your thoughts?